Association du Cercle des Assureurs des Risques Aggravés et Techniques
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Purpose of the Association of Insurers of Aggravated and Technical Risks (ACARAT):

  • Seek and establish privileged relations between the different associative, social and economic partners at a local, regional, national and international level.
  • Assist in the establishment of structures selected under agreements and joint management agreements. Encourage the autonomy and development of each of the partners in these sectors.
  • Provide ongoing technical assistance to any organisation and individuals who wish it and who are retained by the board.
  • Promote the products selected by the members of the Association to provide the most appropriate social protection.

Board of Directors

The association is led by a Committee of 2 members, elected for 3 years by the general assembly. Members may be re-elected. 

The committee

Consists of a President and a Treasurer whose functions are performed on a voluntary basis.

The statuses

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The rules of procedure

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